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History Bombs Blog Series

I produced regular blog posts for the educational production company, History Bombs. These educational blog posts focussed on historical topics, events, and characters that were popular, often thanks to key anniversaries, relevant news coverage, or international commemorative days.

‘A guide to Jane Austen’s life, writing, and why students should care’ (05 March 2019)

‘Five historic women that all students should know’ (7 March 2019)

‘How can we place women’s history front and centre in the classroom?’ (13 March 2019)

‘How Britain changed forever under Queen Victoria’ (24 May 2019)

‘World War 2 Normandy Landings: The facts about D-Day on its 75th anniversary’ (5 June 2019)

‘The Battle of Waterloo: What happened and why is it still significant today?’ (14 June 2019)

‘The real history behind Stonehenge and the summer solstice celebrations’ (21 June 2019)

‘Apollo 11 and how Armstrong would never have walked on the moon without the Cold War’ (16 July 2019)