Hi, welcome to my site. My name’s Louise, I’m a multimedia journalist and content writer, who specialises in history, food, and travel.

Some of the publications I’ve written for and companies I’ve worked with include The Guardian, Historic Royal Palaces, History Bombs, Food & Travel Arabia, and All About History.

I’m currently based in London, UK, where I completed a Public History MA at Royal Holloway University of London, in 2018, and graduated with a NCTJ multimedia journalism diploma from News Associates London, back in 2013.

I have more than seven years of experience producing print, online, and video content for a variety of audiences and platforms, across the UAE and the UK.

Check out my portfolio of features and videos here and feel free to get in touch.

Email: larquick@hotmail.co.uk

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/louisequick

Twitter: @larquick

Instagram: @larquick