From Georgia with love...

From Georgia with love...

15 May 2017

It hasn’t even been four months since I moved back to the UK and I’m already getting itchy feet and feeling the urge to travel and explore. This probably has something to do with the fact I’ve been writing about Tbilisi, Georgia for a recent project and have also finally set up a Flickr page for my photos.

Now, I’m most definitely not a professional photographer. I’ve worked with far too many fantastic and talented photographer types to insult them by grouping myself as one. I don’t use editing software and, other than playing around with the ISO and aperture, I’m little more than a point-and-click kind of gal.

That said, I do love taking photos – setting up great shots, capturing moments and all that – and have been lucky enough to visit some brilliant places camera-in-hand. One such place was Tbilisi, Georgia in February 2016. It’s such a beautiful, friendly and ancient city, where buildings lean precariously out over pot-hole ridden roads and there are almost as many wine bars as there are Orthodox Georgian churches. Everything is charmingly rough around the edges.

That said, check out all my Georgia photos on Flickr, or take a gander at some of my favourites below.

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