A Proud History Nerd’s feature writing updates

Anyone who knows me – or has even glimpsed my Twitter and Instagram accounts – will know that I am an out-and-proud history nerd. Always have been, (as any of the popular kids at my school could have told you…). As such, history has become an increasingly big focus of my feature writing.

It’s something I have a real passion for researching and writing about so, while all my freelance work can be found on my Portfolio pages, I wanted to share a few of my favourite and most recent history-related features:

Dior’s New Look

In many ways this feature for All About History magazine was a long time coming. I wrote about Dior a few years ago when an editor wanted a quick write-up on some fashion news. I was terrified, because, well, fashion terrifies me! But quickly discovered the fascinating history around the end of rationing and the breakthrough of Christian Dior’s lavish designs. So I jumped at the chance to write a full feature on the subject!

Sweet History: the history of dates

If there’s one thing I love more than history, it’s food AND history (or…food history)! Living in Dubai for three years gave me a real enthusiasm of dates. Not only are these sweet treats ridiculously delicious, but they are incredibly important in Arabic culture and history, which is something I explore in this feature for Citizen K Arabia.

Jane Austen’s England 
FTA_Austen Britain

While being a fan of Jane Austen might seem pretty basic, I just can’t help it! This feature for Food and Travel Arabia has a travel focus to it, but is packed with details about Jane’s own story and how her life experiences massively influenced her novels. I had a hard time sticking to the word count and this could easily have been twice the length.

Tbilisi titbits: the Georgian dumpling from the hills

Again, while this nugget for The Guardian is food-focussed – on Georgian khinkali to be precise – it has plenty of history. I love seeing a country’s past through its national dishes and nowhere is this more true than Tbilisi. Squished between some of history’s most notorious empires, Georgia’s rocky past can be found through its weird, wonderful (and delicious!) food. And the wine – oh my gosh, the wine! (You can also find my longer travel feature on Tbilisi here)


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