Sparkly new website and portfolio

After much exporting, uploading and linking (fuelled by my stash of peanut butter filled pretzel bites from Trader Joe’s), I’ve finally spruced and updated my portfolio – check it out here.

There’s a bunch of my published work, categorised into Travel, Food & Drink, History & Culture and Profiles. One of which includes this photo I took of a fetching camel.

salalah camel edit

I’ve also uploaded a few of the videos I’ve produced for What’s On, all about new, fun, sparkly things to do and visit in Dubai. (The team actually have a load of cool videos and the videographers and digital guys are brilliant – see the collection of YouTube videos).

Anyway, now that’s done I’m going reward myself with some more pretzel bites.

NB. This post was actually drafted a good few months ago,  long before I made the foolish foolish mistake to give up sugar for lent. Never again!

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